king pivot-28th feb 1263bc

king bloggs- 9th may 1199bc

king suej- 4th oct 1128bc

king vik- 11th dec 1072

king bloggs II - 17th jan 1008bc

king empire - 20th june 958bc

king tupid- 18th sept 896bc

king rol - 2nd jan 804bc

king joseph 5th july 762bc

king simm - 1st jan 699bc

king topp- 10th feb 23bc

king badger - 28th sept 50ad

king bloggs III - 17th jan 93ad

king bloggs IV- 1st sept 105ad

king bloggs V - 5th dec 1200ad

king bloggs VI - 22nd feb 1300ad

king bloggs VII- 30th dec 1400ad

king juhnward- 12th may 1500ad

king hamlyn- 11th july 1700ad

king bloggs VIII - 9th aug 1800ad

king bloggs VIIII- 23rd jun 1900ad

king bloggs x - 4th feb 1997ad

king bloggs XI- 12th dec 2009 ad

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